Sophomore Literature Seminar H

Good luck on Midterms!!!

Be sure you have the Mark David Chapman essay read adn QCOPed by Friday, January 26th

Here is the MDC essay again.

Also, here are the Zen Buddhist and Taoist stories that were included in Zen Shorts.  Come to class with them already printed out and included into your notebook by Friday, January 26th.

Answers to the homework sheet

Grammar II exam tomorrow

Answers to the semicolon packet

Today we explore the semicolon

Continuing Grammar---

Here are the answers to the packet I gave you today...How did you do?

Click here for the answers to today’s packet—

Here is a link to Chomp Chomp, in case you need more practice.  Do exercises 2-4 and 5 once you feel you have mastered the concepts.  

Tomorrow, we delve into fragments and run-ons!

Continue reading Catcher, which is due Thursday, January 18th!

Finish reading and QCOPing Chapter XXIV in Frankenstein

Complete the questions

Here is another copy of the questions I handed out today.

REMINDER: If you received a 95% or above on your historical fiction essay, then please make any last minute changes, and print out a new copy to give me for my exemplar folder!  Thank you in advance!!!!

Read and QCOP XXIII for Monday

Historical Fiction Rewrites are due Monday

Please remember the guidelines for the rewrite:

  1. Only students who received an 85% or lower are permitted to do the rewrite.
  2. Content must be altered based on the comments received.  If you only correct the research and the grammar, you will lose points on the rewrite.  You must keep in mind all of the recommendations in order to earn more points.
  3. You old grade will be averaged with your new grade.
  4. Your old essay must be stapled to the new essay.
  5. You must include a paragraph reflecting on your process in this rewrite.  What did you do wrong the first time and what did you change to write the new and improved essay?

Also, keep in mind that I have not yet collected your annotated copies of the text!

Felix's angry letter and moral high-ground

Text-Based analysis paragraphs are due Wednesday

Here is another copy of the letter you needed to work on in class Friday.

Here is the text-based analysis assignment again.  Make sure that you do the chart BEFORE you begin to write the paragraphs.  Follow the directions!!!  It will count as two quiz grades and it will be collected on Wednesday.

Moving on as we listen to the Creature’s perspective

Mary Shelley fills in the blanks...

Chapters XI and XII are due for tomorrow.  

Chapters XIII and XIV are due for Friday.  

By Monday, you will have to have read through Chapters XV and XVI.  Stay on top of your reading!  

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