Sophomore Literature Seminar H

Catcher Culmination--Options A and B

Finish reading and QCOPing "Amongst the People"


Don’t forget to QCOP!

Read and QCOP Chapter 5, "Kamala" for tomorrow

Text-Based Analysis will take place tomorrow

Read "Awakening"

Tonight’s Homework

Click here for today’s activity.  Part I questions and Part II.

Read and QCOP “Awakening” for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you will receive a chart and use it to reflect upon the three stories in Zen Shorts.  What does each story tell us about Siddhartha, Buddhism, and life in general?

Good luck on Midterms!!!

Be sure you have the Mark David Chapman essay read adn QCOPed by Friday, January 26th

Here is the MDC essay again.

Also, here are the Zen Buddhist and Taoist stories that were included in Zen Shorts.  Come to class with them already printed out and included into your notebook by Friday, January 26th.

Answers to the homework sheet

Grammar II exam tomorrow

Answers to the semicolon packet

Today we explore the semicolon

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