Sophomore Literature Seminar H

By 11:59 tonight

First Upload youf final, beautiful, perfect summer reading essay

Please make sure it is properly spaced, has a creative and interesting title, and includes all the information needed to get a hundo!!!  It needs to be a pdf version so that the formatting remains consistent.  

Here is the Foul Fifteen again.  Please make sure you look over it again.  REminder: you lose one point for every error!!!

Rough Draft #2 is due tomorrow

Correction on the citation info...

Click here for the clarification of the internal citations.  

For example, it SHOULD be “This essay is going to be the best essay I have ever written,” said Dr. J. G. Segal, head anthrolpologist at Harvard University” (Text 7, 20).

Rough draft is due tomorrow

Please come to class with it stapled and printed BEFORE class begins

It will count as a homework assignment.  The final draft must be uploaded to turnitin by 11:59 pm on Friday!!!

Your rough draft is due Tuesday

Harvard outline is due tomorrow

The Socratic Seminar and The Harvard outline

The Argument Essay

Dissecting the Elements

Click here for the practice argument essay.

Click here for the exemplar.

Homeowrk:  Read the exemplar and highlight significant decisions the author made and why they worked.  Think:  Would this have shown craftsmanship?  Comprehnension?  Synthesis?  Would it have made coffee-weilding, early morning Ms. Grgas happy?

The Harvard outline has been moved to next week.

Logging on to Turnitin

Please register tonight

Please register to your class as listed below.  Be sure you register with an email address you check frequently (ideally, your RHS email).

Sophomore Literature Seminar: Enrollment Key=Grgas17; Class ID=16426106

Please have this done by tomorrow!!!

More practice before Wednesday's exam

Continuing the diagraming

Today's class and on...

In order to continue understanding the components of a proper sentence diagram, today you will be working in groups of 2 or 3 to reveiw what we have thus far learned.  Then, you will be selecting a sentence that possesses either an adjective or an adverb and at least one prepostional phrase.  You will write the sentence out, and label each of the parts of the daigram.  Then, you will write a “how-to” on what needs to be done in a step-by-step fashion to properly disgram the sentence.  I will collect this at the end of the period, but if you need more time, I can collect it at the beginning of the period tomorrow.

Ultimately, however, pages 12 and 13 must be completed by tomorrow in the workbook.  

The grammar exam will be held Thursday, September 28th.

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