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Tonight's Homework is Three-fold...

For tonight, you need to do three things…

  1. You need to send a *p5 email to jgrgas@roslynschools.org.
  2. You need to explore this website and put a shortcut of it on your homescreen.  Have you read “About me!” above?
  3. You need to complete the Note Quote assignment I discussed in class today. Remember: The lined side must contain your name, my name, class with period, and date in the upper left-hand corner following the MLA format.  Then, the quote (no more than 3 lines), the author or speaker of the quote, and the source (novel, film—underlined or song—quotation marks)  On the rever, you are to do an in-depth analysis of the quotation using the Jhumpa Lahiri’s essay.  How did the words and sturcture help to make the lines stand out?  Did they “radiate with meaning”?  How?  This will be collected tomorrow.

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