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Grammar Review packet

Rough Draft for TIB is due tomorrow

I will not be collecting it, but you need it to begin conferencing with me

Please also keep in mind that your Lord of the Flies reading (to page 108; through chapter 6) is due Friday.  I will be collecting your “three most important quotes” (with page citations) on Friday.  It will be counted as a homework assignment.

Essay Must be uploaded by 11:59 pm

Here is your Works Cited for the Othello Culmination

Also, remember to read until the end of chapt 6 in LOF by Friday's class

Click here for the pdf version of the works cited page, in case you lost it or wanted to add to it.  It MUST be stapled to your essay when you turn it in Tuesday.

Lord of the Flies until page 108 must be read and QCOPed by Friday, May 25th.  We will be discussing it at that time.  You need to write what you feel are the three most important quoations per chapter.  This needs to be on a separate sheet of paper, and although you do not have to write why, you do need to include the page number the quote was found on.

If you were not in class on Thursday or Friday and need the book, it can be easily found if you google “Lord of the Flies PDF."

Othello Culmination

Read and QCOP Act IV, Scene I

Pages 47-54

Watch as Iago uses "ocular proof” to destroy Othello.

Instagram assignment

Read and QCOP 42-47 for Wednesday

Act III quiz will be administered Monday

We will be reviewing the reading and watching the video tomorrow.  Then, we wiull be doing a fun Instagram activity on Thursday/Friday for Act III, Scene IV.

Act II quiz tomorrow

Tonight's Homework: Write your own Iambic Pentameter

Here's the video to help you--

Click here to re-watch the video.  Your Iambic Pentameter can be based on any topic.  It must be properly noted (include separation for each “foot”) and the stresses must be appropriately noted.  This assignment will be collected tomorrow.  

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