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Read V and VI for tomorrow


Remember: I reserve the right to collect your books and check your QCOPs at anytime!

Your annotated bibliography will be collected on Tuesday, November 28th.  Here is the packet we went over today.

Tomorrow is my Challenge Day

There will be a sub...

Please make sure you give your new Historical Fiction outline to the sub (new one stapled to the old one).  If there is no sub, please submit your new outline stapled to your old outline to the teacher on duty in the English study center and ask them to please place it on my desk.  You are responsible for turning this in to me FRIDAY—whether there is a sub or not.  I will come to my desk at the end of the day and collect all the outlines that are there so I can grade them this weekend and get them back to you by Monday.

Tonight, you will need to fill in the character chart for Elizabeth and Henry Clerval.  

Tomorrow, in class, you will be given an opportunity to read and QCOP Chapters III and IV.  Finish the reading and annotating, as well as these questions, for Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Read and QCOP Chapters I and II

Remember: consider Authorial Intent & the conflict between the Industial Era and the Romantic Period...

The stranger tells his tale from the beginning in an attempt to warn Walton.  “…let me reveal my tale, and you will dash the cup from your lips!”

Also, your revised Harvard outline must be printed and stapled to your NEW Harvard outline, which will be collected by the sub on Friday.

Tonight, read and QCOP Letters II and III (pages 4-7)

Tomorrow, there will be a sub, but this is what you are expected to do...

  • Students need to find a partner.
  • Review the homework together (Letters II and III in Frankenstein; pages 4-7)

    • How has the tone changed between the letters?
    • Why do you think Shelley has Walton goes on a tangent regarding the life of his lieutenant (5-6)?
    • How much time has passed since the first letter?
  • Continue reading and annotating Letter IV together (pages 8-14).
  • Whatever has not been read and annotated should be completed for homework (for Wednesday).
  • The students have received a chart regarding the letters.  The chart should be completed for Wednesday as well.

Tonight--reflection paragraph

Don't forget your Harvard outline due Thursday!

Tonight, I would like you to write a well-developed paragraph refecting on the entire video we watched.  Think about the following questions.  They will help you to formulate your response.

  • How did the Industrial Revolution shape the authors of the Romantic period?
  • What defined the Romantic movement?
  • What did the authors all have in common?
  • How were their responses affected by intellectualism and nature?
  • Which author left the greatest impression on you and why?

Please also remember that your Creative Historical fiction story Harvard outine must be printed, stapled, and turned in by Thursday.  The rules of Harvard outline remain the same (every 1 must have a 2; every a must have a b), but remember: this outline is fluid rather than chronological.  Its emphasis is on the elements and techniques you plan to include in your response.  

Continue Watching and Taking Notes on "The Romantics: Nature"

Please set aside 20 minutes to watch the next portion of the video

Here is the link.  You are to begin at 18:08 and end at 38:40.  The video covers Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth.  We will be watching the final clip tomorrow as a class.

Monday: A Tale of Two Cities Multiple Choice Exam

It will have 25 questions and three sections...

Section I is dedicated to “If” (5 questions).  Section II is dedicated to The London Times article (5 questions), and Section III is dedicated to the textual analysis we have done in the class (15 questions).  

Here is a pdf of “The Period” and the end of the novel “Footsteps Die Out Forever,” since I read these out loud to you.  Our discussions regarding both can and will appear on the exam as well.  

Good luck!  Happy studying!!!

"If" by Rudyard Kipling

Annotate this for tomorrow

Click here for the poem in case you were absent.The exam is Monday!

Homework I forgot to mention

The next Tale MC Quiz is Monday

It will cover "The Monsiuer the Marquis in Town" and "Echoing Footsteps"

Please make sure your notes are thorough and detailed.  Did you participate in class?  You should!

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