World Humanities

Catcher Culmination--Options A and B

Read and QCOP "Amongst the People" (chapt 6) for tomorrow

Read and QCOP Chapter 5, "Kamala" for tomorrow

Text-Based Analysis will take place tomorrow

Come to class prepared

The last session of In/Out will take place Friday.

Text-Based Analysis and one more In/Out day!

I have been really pleased with how the discussion is evolving...

So, we will be having one more In/Out day.  Here is an additional (quaternary) source.  If you had additonal points you wanted to make, take a look at this source to help you to develop your findings even further. 

Here is the Text-Based analysis project that you should begin working on tonight.  You will bring all your findings to class Thursday and write it during that period.  It will be collected at the end of the period.

Read "Awakening"

Tonight’s Homework and looking ahead...

Click here for today’s activity.  Part I questions and Part II.

Read and QCOP “Awakening” for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you will receive lyrics for another song, which will serve as your secondary source for an In the Box/Out of the Box activity that will take place Monday and Tuesday.

Read Chapter 2 of Siddhartha, "With the Samanas"

Good luck on Midterms!

Be sure you have the Mark David Chapman essay read adn QCOPed by Friday, January 26th

Here is the MDC essay again.

Also, here are the Zen Buddhist and Taoist stories that were included in Zen Shorts.  Come to class with them already printed out and included into your notebook by Friday, January 26th.

Answers to the homework

Grammar II exam tomorrow

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