Please be sure you hav been mindful of all the following BEFORE you upload...

  • Include the word count (That does not include the MLA heading or the title)
  • Be sure you have eliminated all contractions (isn’t= is not)
  • Make sure you have editing for grammar.  Commonly confused words (lose/loose; then/then; etc.), comma errors, errors with apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, fragments, and run-ons, and pronoun antecedent errors will take points away.
  • The vehicle comes first!  Attract the reader’s attention!
  • Include imagery and details that put the reader in the driver’s seat.
  • Include a metaphor or extended metaphor.
  • Do not use passive voice (Being that…)
  • Be sure you open your learning up to the reader—Include a paragraph that opens your lesson up to the reader so they can learn your lesson too.

Finally, if you would like to have your TIB included in the ibook collection that I will use for next year’s students, please email me a pdf version of your essay.