If you were absent--

I’m going to be posting assignments here from now on.  That way, if you are absent from class, you will only have to check here to see what you missed.

Week of May May 22th- June 12th--Final Project: Teen Issues Research & Creative Portrayal of Advice

Here are the notes we discussed regarding internal citations, integrated quotations, and paraphrasing.

Week of April 19th-April 28th

You have been working fervently on your Harvard outline, inlcuding all the research (quotations and paraphrases) that would be necessary to write the paper.

On 4/25, I will be going over the conclusion for the research paper.  Here is the link I used in case you would like to reference it again.

Week of March 27th:

TED Talk—Hannah Brencher “Love Letters to Strangers.”  Watch and write a letter to someone alive or dead, in the future or in the present.  This must be handwritten and turned in.  It is the last counted grade for Q3.

Monday, March 20th—notes

IMG 2294

Wednesday and Thursday, March 15th and 16th—Click here for the sheet we will be going over regarding formulating a thesis statement. 

Monday, March 13th— Finish the TED talk sheet (front and back) and compose a constructed response as instructed on the bottom of the front of the sheet.   This should be done in word, printed, and turned in.

Friday, March 10 and Monday, March 13th: TED Talk—Ron Gutman “The Hidden Power of Smiling."

Wednesday, March 8th: Research Paper Topics—begin using the internet (credible sources only!)  and searching the databases to decide which topic you plan to examine for this paper.  

  1. Search Google—evaluate .org, .com, .edu, .gov resources.  Be sure you can find the authors, and check the about me page to see if the source is credible.  Additioanlly, is the source timely?
  2. Search databases— are they plentiful?  Can you understand the resources?  Are they focused on the specific to[ic you hope to explore?
  3. Search RHS Library Catalogue— Does our HS library have books on the topic?  Are they available?
  4. Check ALISCAT for libraries on Long Island.  Are they books available island-wide that you could take out on inter-library loan?
  5. Check for newpapers and magazines.

You will be giving me your final decision on Friday, 3/10.

Monday, March 6th: Response to Mark Bezos TED Talk—Authorial Intent

Friday, March 3rd: TED Talk—Mark Bezos chart and questions.  You will also need to go to the TED Talk site and watch the video as well as have the transcript in front of you.